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Gov. Greitens: Reject Discrimination!

Call Governor Greitens NOW and ask him to veto Senate Bill 43 - (573) 751-3222

SB 43 moves Missouri backwards not forward — rolling back rights that helped level the playing field for women, religious minority and racial minority groups, people with disabilities, and workers of all ages.

Our leaders should be pushing for greater equality by expanding protections to include LGBT Missourians, instead of gutting the ones currently in place.

Think it can't get worse? SB 43 is sponsored by a senator currently under investigation for violation of the very law he has written a bill to change. Bills as self-serving as this are why Jefferson City has a reputation for corruption.

Urge Gov. Greitens to veto SB 43 by calling (573) 751-3222 because we cannot allow discrimination to be legal in Missouri.

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It's clear from the Legislature's approval of SB 43: Things are off balance in Jefferson City. Governor Greitens is our last chance to make our voices heard.

Senate Bill 43 lets people off the hook when they’ve discriminated against our family and friends, whether that be at the workplace, in housing or public accommodations.

What's more, SB 43 would destroy protections for whistleblowers. If someone sees and reports fraud or waste in the government, they won’t be protected from the fallout.

Rolling back protections, at the whim of special interests, is not what's best for Missouri.
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